Schumi Sports | Strength & Agility

Ryan Schumi offers customized strength and agility training plus "sport specific" training to athletes who wish to take their game to the next level. Think of Schumi Sports as your athletes personal trainer who specializes in youth strength and agility training, while also teaching your young athlete about nutrition and healthy living.

Strength & Agility Training
Strength and agility training can help your athlete gain muscle and speed.
Sport Specific Training
Schumi can help your athlete sharpen their skills specific to their sport.
Health & Nutrition
A healthy and nutritious diet is equally important as your work out regiment. Schumi will tailor a diet specific to your athletes tastes and nutritional needs.
Personal Training
Whether you are looking to lose weight or simply live a healthier and more fit lifestyle, Schumi can serve as your personal trainer and motivational coach.

Training Packages

Schumi offers easy to execute packages!