asparagus barbecue cuisine NUTRHealth and nutrition is a healthy part of any successful athletes regiment.  In addition to establishing a sport specific strength and agility program for your young athlete, Coach Schumi will also develop a healthy and well balanced diet that will ensure your athlete is getting all the vitamins and nutrients required to compliment their high intensity work outs. Ryan will also get to know your athletes tastes and work to create a menu which is desirable to your athlete pallet.

In working with Coach Schumi, your athlete will soon realize how to control their portions and plan their meals accordingly. They will also learn how to compliment their diet with healthy vitamins and supplements.

Beyond acting as your athletes sponsor in efforts to living a more fit and healthy lifestyle, Coach Schumi will also act as a sort of"life coach". Ryan does his best to instill positive thinking and good sportsmanlike conduct in every athlete he coaches (and plays with as Coach Schumi remains a professional athlete with the Chicago Blitz). Ryan Schumi will coach above and beyond your typical personal trainer. He will work to establish a trusting and supportive relationship with your athlete.  The result will be a new athlete who is committed, stronger, healthier and more explosive, then the athlete you knew before.